ASI Training Tapes

Clinical directors now have access to cost-effective training on the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) through a set of ASI video training tapes that DeltaMetrics has recently made available. This “ASI Training on Tapes Series” was designed to train newly hired clinical staff when larger, facilitated workshops are not feasible or cost-effective. The tapes are also effective for  improving the competency of clinical staff following a facilitated ASI training session, and for refreshing skills of previously trained staff.

The tapes were developed and tested by DeltaMetrics scientists under a Small Business Innovative Research grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.   DeltaMetrics Scientific Director, John Cacciola, Ph.D., directed the project.  Dr. Cacciola has performed reliability and validity studies on the ASI and also developed and validated many of the ASI competency measures that DeltaMetrics offers.  Assisting Dr. Cacciola on the project was Thomas Coyne, a veteran trainer who has conducted more than 100 ASI trainings.  The series embodies Cacciola and Coyne’s extensive knowledge of the ASI by demonstrating time-tested interviewing techniques and addressing issues that frequently arise during administration of the instrument.

The ASI Training on Tapes Series consists of four video tapes of four hours duration including:

  • An overview of the ASI and its psychometric properties; interviewing techniques and item-by-item phrasing suggestions; coding instructions; and explanations for severity ratings.

  • A demonstration tape consisting of an actual, videotaped ASI interview.

  • A binder containing extensive written instructions and answers to frequently asked questions; the ASI Manual; and articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

In a study conducted by DeltaMetrics, the proficiency levels of clinicians trained using the Training on Tape Series were shown to be comparable to those trained under the standard two-day and abbreviated one-day formats, and superior to proficiency levels from the one-day training model developed by NIDA.  Click here to view or print the Comparative Study Report.

The entire Training on Tapes Series is available from DeltaMetrics for $495.00.  For more information, click here.

For a printable order form, click here.  For telephone inquiries, please call DeltaMetrics at (215) 399-0988.

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