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DeltaMetrics' professional team offers extensive project management experience and in-depth knowledge of the behavioral healthcare field.

Jack Durell, M.D., President and CEO
Dr. Durell’s professional experiences bring together primary scientific research, the day-to-day management and oversight of inpatient psychiatric units and detoxification centers, assessment and evaluation of substance abuse treatment outcomes, and organizational development and management.  As Associate Director of Science at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Dr. Durell was in the forefront of research on substance abuse.  He has organized and conducted primary research into the biological aspects of affective illness and psychoses, overseen the medical and financial management of frontline drug treatment centers, and guided the growth of DeltaMetrics in its development of products and services to improve behavioral health care treatment.

John Cacciola, Ph.D., Senior Vice President & Scientific Director
Dr. Cacciola is a nationally recognized expert on issues related to diagnostic and psychosocial assessment and the evaluation of treatment effectiveness for substance abusing and general psychiatric patients.  He has co-authored more than 50 articles in scientific journals and was an advisor to the DSM-IV Substance Use Disorders Workgroup.  In addition to serving as the Scientific Director at DeltaMetrics, Dr. Cacciola is also the principal investigator on large-scale projects.  He has led the development of DeltaMetrics’ Assessment and Treatment Outcomes Management System (ATOMS), a multidimensional instrument battery that measures change and service provision in the general psychiatric and substance abuse treatment populations as well as the development of a self-administered version of the Addiction Severity Index.  Dr. Cacciola also directs the production of training materials and competency measures for the assessment instruments that DeltaMetrics uses in its survey projects.

Richard Weiss, Ph.D., Director of Research and Evaluation
Dr. Weiss has significant experience in designing feasibility, pilot and evaluation studies in the behavioral health care field, including evaluations of mental health treatment services for children, adolescents and adults.  At DeltaMetrics, he designs research, methodological, and analytic strategies for treatment outcome data.  Dr. Weiss is part of a team exploring the long-term impact of treatment for substance abuse disorders, is Principal Investigator on DeltaMetrics’ TOPPS II project for the State of New York and is the Associate Project Director for the TOPPS II Technical Assistance Center.  He is a principal architect  in the DeltaMetrics effort to apply Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) principles in State substance abuse treatment systems,  using empirical data to inform treatment improvement interventions and to monitor treatment improvement progress.

Douglas B. Marlowe, J.D., Ph.D. is a Senior Scientist at DeltaMetrics and Director of Criminal Justice Research at the Treatment Research Institute.  He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the MCP/Hahnemann University School of Medicine, and a Lecturer in Law at the Villanova University School of Law.  A lawyer and clinical psychologist, Dr. Marlowe’s research focuses on diversion programs and coercive interventions for substance abusing offenders.  He is currently the Principal Investigator on two grants jointly funded by NIDA and CSAT that are investigating the specific effects of judicial status hearings on drug court outcomes.  Dr. Marlowe has also received continued funding from NIDA to develop a procedure for characterizing and measuring both coercive and non-coercive pressures in drug abuse treatment.  He has served as Co-Principal Investigator and Project Director on an ONDCP-funded evaluation of a diversion program for drug-involved juvenile offenders, as well as on all three evaluations of the adult Breaking The Cycle Initiatives funded by NIJ.  For DeltaMetrics, Dr. Marlowe has begun developing criminal justice research and evaluation initiatives that may eventually include data collection and case management systems for use by drug court officials.

James McKay, Ph.D., Senior Scientist
Dr. James McKay is a Senior Scientist at DeltaMetrics and an Associate Professor of Psychology  at the University of Pennsylvania.  He is also he Scientific Director of the Penn-VA Center for Studies of Addiction.  Dr. McKay is the author or coauthor of over 95 journal articles and book chapters, and the recipient of a number of grants from National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.  He has also served as  Principal Investigator on DeltaMetrics projectsfunded by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, including two projects for the states of Illinois and Washington.  Dr. McKay’s work has focused on the evaluation of primary and continuing care treatments for alcohol and cocaine use disorders, comparisons of outcomes following inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation treatments, and evaluations of patient placement criteria. 

Kathleen Geary, Director of Operations 
Ms. Geary is a seasoned administrator who oversees  the logistical operation of all projects conducted by DeltaMetrics.  Ms. Geary and her staff provide start-up and logistical project support, manage telecommunications and oversee data management. Ms. Geary also works closely with other organization executives to create strategies that best address the needs of its public and private sector clients.

Bonnie Catone, Director of Government Relations
Ms. Catone is DeltaMetrics’ chief liaison with its State and federal agency clients.  She came to DeltaMetrics with extensive public sector experience, having served for six years as Legislative Director for a Member of Congress and six years in State government.  Catone works with professional staff to help anticipate regulatory trends and address public sector interests as DeltaMetrics products and services are developed. Because demonstrations of treatment improvement and accountability are a priority for government clients, Catone has been actively involved in shaping DeltaMetrics’ CQI initiative and has helped guide its expansion into automation and State systems building.  Ms. Catone is also active on the operational side of the organization, helping to uphold DeltaMetrics reputation for responsiveness to the day-to-day concerns of its public sector clients.

Paul Keller, Vice President of Business Development
Mr. Keller has an extensive background in sales, marketing and business development, having held senior leadership positions with various healthcare service companies including hospital information systems and healthcare television syndication, medical judgment services, employee assistance programs (EAPs) and managed behavioral healthcare organizations (MBHOs). Mr. Keller’s experience in the behavioral health care industry includes  marketing and sales of an outpatient psychotherapy assessment and treatment outcomes tracking instrument that was developed to enhance the clinical supervision and case management process for EAPs, managed care organizations and several Fortune 500 employers.  At DeltaMetrics, Mr. Keller is integrally involved in development of automated instruments and systems to measure and improve treatment effectiveness in public and private sector treatment systems.

Carol Foltz, Ph.D., Senior Scientist
As a Research Psychologist at DeltaMetrics, Dr. Foltz is primarily responsible for analysis of treatment outcome data and contributes to other methodological and evaluation activities. She conducts analyses that apply advanced statistical procedures and case mix adjustment strategies to data collected over multiple assessment points; and she develops and employs strategies to test and maintain the quality of short-and long-term outcome data. As a contributor to the development and evaluation of assessment instruments, she reviews instrument integrity and performs psychometric analyses of measurement data. Dr. Foltz also consults with staff and other psychologists on statistical issues and applications.  

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